Veterinarian In Albany TX

You want to find a Veterinarian Albany TX that is committed to providing quality veterinary services to pets, both wild and domestic, from small breeds like the Shih Tzu, Miniature Schnauzer, and Poodle to large animals like dogs, cats, and even horses. Not all animal hospitals are equally good, so you need to do your research and make sure you pick the right one for your pet. The following is information on each Veterinarian in Albany TX who meets your pets’ and people’s needs.

Veterinarian Albany TX

Dr. William Schnee is a board certified veterinary doctor. A Certified Veterinary Technologist, he has been practicing in the field of animal health for the past thirty years. His focus is on feline and canine patients, and he treats them with kindness and compassion. Dr. Schnee treats each pet humanely and focuses on preventive care and disease management. He believes that animals should be allowed to return to their natural habitats when they are able to do so. When a pet is in a cat or dog-animal hospital, the staff strives to keep these animals as comfortable as possible, and strives to provide them with as much personal care as they can.

Dr. Richard Schuster is a board certified anesthesiologist. An animal lover and practicing vet, Dr. Schuster treats animals with respect and compassion and does not use any anesthesia during surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. He cares for the animals before and after the surgery as well, treating them gently with a mix of palliative care and antibiotics. During a visit to his clinic, it is important for you and your pet to discuss what to expect. This will help you and your pet to be both prepared for and receive the best care.

Dr. Jessica Parsons – also called Ms. Jessica by her patients – treats cats and dogs with enthusiasm and caring. She is also dedicated to her work, which includes working as a practicing veterinary surgeon and assistant to the owners of animals. She enjoys working with young and old animals and frequently treats children and adults in her clinic. The staff works together as a team, each dedicating themselves to the care of your pet’s needs, and working together to provide the best possible care for everyone involved.

Dr. Karen Horvath – is a mother of four who began her medical career as a radiologist before becoming a veterinarian. She loves treating pets and enjoys spending time with them as much as possible. Dr. Horvath treats your cat’s eyes very gently, as she knows how frightening eye exams can be for cats. She is committed to keeping the cat’s eyes healthy by cleaning them thoroughly, and applying disinfectant drops on a regular basis. Your cat’s eyes should always be bright and alert, and Dr. Horvath is dedicated to making this happen.

The staff at Your Veterinarian Albany TX has a caring and compassionate attitude toward all of your pets. They are knowledgeable about general care for pets and will treat your pet as a member of the family. You will feel comfortable leaving your pet with them when you come to pick him up, and you can be confident that your pet’s eyes are being looked after properly. Your Veterinarian in Albany TX offers affordable prices on various types of services for your pet’s care. There’s no reason why your pet shouldn’t enjoy a long and happy life, just like you.