What You Should Know Before Hiring a Physical Therapy Center

As one of the largest and most successful Physical Therapy centers in the United States, Jersey City-based Liberty Physical Therapy provides a wide range of services to help improve the quality of life for adults with conditions ranging from arthritis and bone problems to sports injuries and aging. At Liberty Physical Therapy, patients receive personalized instruction to treat their specific needs, which may range from heat therapy to electrical stimulation or ultrasound therapy. At this center, patients are given the opportunity to explore their own fears and to learn how to overcome them, whether they are relating to aging or pain. Many patients find that these treatments at Liberty Physical Therapy Center are effective in reducing their level of pain and stress.

Patients seeking treatment at this center should schedule an appointment with a physical therapist before making an appointment to see a physician because all individuals treated here have experienced the same level of injuries. During a first visit, the patient and the physical therapist will determine the ideal course of action to achieve the greatest benefit for the particular condition being treated. Once the patient has received medical and surgical treatments at the physical therapy clinic, it is important for him or her to return for follow-up appointments. During these appointments, the physical therapist will evaluate the progress of the injury or condition, recommend treatment options, and make suggestions about limiting the risk of future injuries. During each visit, the physical therapist will also review the progress of the patient’s healing progress and look for any additional techniques that may be useful in increasing the improvement of the condition or preventing further injury.

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Patients who are not attending classes at a mainstream orthopedic rehabilitation facility but are interested in receiving treatment from a physical therapy center that uses more conventional methods of treatment may be interested in visiting one of the private rooms available at this facility. Many private rooms at a private therapy center are devoted to individualized rehabilitation of specific injuries. In some cases, a patient may need only minor reconstructive surgery following an accident, while another patient may require complete reconstruction of his or her leg. Private rooms may also be devoted to helping patients use crutches, walk, or participate in daily activities. For most patients, private rooms are also the best places to receive exercise training or instruction in order to prevent further injuries or disability.

Some patients who are interested in using a more comprehensive physical therapy center may be more comfortable visiting one of the several reputable franchises that offer comprehensive services. These franchises typically offer a wide range of treatments, many of which are similar to those that are offered by mainstream orthopedic rehabilitation facilities. These franchises tend to hire qualified, licensed physical therapists and have them provide on site assessments and treatments as well as services to clients in their home. Many of these franchises also offer nutritional guides and nutritionist referrals to patients who are interested in improving their health through changes in diet and lifestyle. In addition to offering comprehensive treatments, these franchises also offer extensive support for clients after their treatments have ended.

Before hiring a physical therapy center, it is important to ensure that they are fully licensed to practice. Some states have specific requirements for the licensing of physical therapy centers, while other states do not have specific licensing regulations. To verify whether the facility is licensed to practice, contact the State Board of Physical Therapy. If you are thinking of hiring a private agency to manage your treatment, check with the worker’s compensation board in your state to see if the agency is certified to treat injuries. As a client, you will want to ask the agency whether its workers’ compensation insurance covers the costs of rehabilitation and return to work following a service injury. Physical therapy equipment may be costly; if the center is not covered by worker’s compensation insurance, you will need to pay these costs out of pocket.

A physical therapy center may refer to orthopedic conditions when discussing treatment plans or treatments. An orthopedic condition is an injury to the spine that causes pain, inflammation, or loss of motion. This can include a disc in one or both legs, a broken bone in the back, or damage to the spine caused by an accident. Orthopedic conditions can range from being minor and barely noticeable to major and debilitating. However, any physical therapy center that is trained to treat these types of conditions should be able to address the issue. If not, your insurance provider may pay for the costs of rehabilitation in order to restore function to your life.